Roofing security

Terrace guardrails, walkways on roofs, pipe straddlers, ventilation skylights safety, access by cage ladder, traffic paths on technical terraces, etc. all solutions for securing buildings against falls from height can be provided by Echelle Canada stores.  They are a major source of suggestions for the means of making your building safe against the falls from height. The network of height specialists carries out studies for all types of buildings for: - making terraces safe with railings (aluminum, steel, self-supporting, inclined, etc.) - making the access at height to technical areas comply (cage ladder, ladder with vertical lifeline, parapet passage, etc.) - the installation of lifelines (rail, cable, inclined lifelines, etc.) - the installation of fixed anchoring points, etc. - the creation of aluminum footbridges and stairs for crossing terraces  Syndic of co-owners, owners of commercial premises, SCI, companies, as soon as you are the owner of a building, you are responsible for the safety of the external people who work on your building for various inspections or for maintenance.