Cleaning and loading/unloading trucks or railcars, restocking shelves in the retail and distributing industry, building maintenance... Working in the logistics and transportation sector requires safe and easy access to heights. At Echelle Canada, we take these specific needs into account and offer you a complete range of custom height-access solutions designed to meet your company's needs.

Working at heights: what are the specific requirements for the logistics and transportation sector?

Height-access equipment such as ladders, stepladders, and platforms are essential tools in many sectors, including transportation and logistics. They provide workers, employees, or technicians with easy access to heights for various tasks, such as installing, repairing, or maintaining a machine, for example.

In the transportation sector, height-access equipment is essential for loading and unloading trucks, ships, and railcars efficiently and safely. It is also vital for the maintenance and repair of these means of transportation and, in the case of the maritime sector, for access to loading and unloading docks.

This type of equipment is also used on a daily basis in retail stores, supermarkets, and big-box stores. Employees need to be able to access stock at heights and place products on shelves quickly and efficiently. Technicians require access to heights in order to perform maintenance work on buildings.

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Customized equipment adapted to every sector of logistics and transportation

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Customized equipment adapted to every sector of logistics and transportation
Maintenance, loading and unloading goods, and stocking shelves are very different activities and do not necessarily require the same type of height-access equipment. Fortunately, at Echelle Canada, we offer a wide range of solutions adapted to all your needs.

For loading and unloading goods, for example, you can choose different types of platforms or walkways, or even stairs specially designed for truck access. We also offer custom equipment for road and rail transportation, like bus maintenance gangways and railcar access platforms.

Why choose Echelle Canada for your custom height-access equipment?

As height specialists for over 30 years, we are dedicated to providing you with increasingly high-performing and innovative solutions at the best possible price.  Our engineering and design team works tirelessly to create new customized solutions adapted to your needs. 

Choosing Echelle Canada equipment means opting for both quality assurance and compliance with current standards and regulations. You can also count on our experts to assist with your projects from start to finish and give you the best possible advice based on your specific requirements.  


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