Whether for construction, renovations, maintenance or to ensure compliance, height-access solutions are essential for every sector of industry, from food processing to aeronautics, to pharmaceutics. At L'Echelle Européenne, we meet all your needs by configuring height access equipment and services to your specific industry.

What are the custom access needs of the industrial sector?

The industrial sector requires access to heights for various types of work:

- Maintenance;
- Renovations;
- Work to ensure compliance with safety standards;
- New constructions.

Height access is also essential to enable employees to reach their workstations (in the aeronautical or maritime sectors in particular) or certain machines in laboratories, for example.
In the industrial sector, maintenance may require working at extreme heights, sometimes involving complex access points that can only be reached with special equipment. For this reason, it is essential to choose modular, customized products designed to meet the requirements and constraints of each specific sector. 
Some industrial sites, like SEVESO sites, present major safety challenges.  Considered to be high-risk, they are subject to strict regulations, and their products and equipment are inspected on a regular basis. Therefore, for these sites, high-performance height access and quality equipment compliant with current standards are of vital importance.

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Our height-access equipment adapted to your specific needs

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At Echelle Canada, we offer a wide range of height-access equipment for all types of industrial applications. These solutions can be customized to meet your company's specific needs and constraints. Whether your requirements are basic or high-tech, you can choose the equipment that best suits your budget and your needs.

For example, for the food processing industry, we provide scaffolding, aerial work platforms and platforms in stainless steel, aluminum, or fibre, designed in accordance with industry standards. For the aeronautical and maritime sectors, we offer aircraft access ladders, fixed or moving walkways, as well as special custom fall-arrest equipment. 
The latter, whether collective or individual, is essential across all industrial sectors. These fall-arrest systems protect technicians and employees who work at heights. You can choose standard fall-arrest PPE, such as harnesses, lanyards, or protective helmets, or request customized products to fulfill your specific industrial requirements.

Customized services for your company

In addition to our full range of industrial height-access equipment, we also offer targeted services. Our experts will take care of the installation and commissioning of your access and high-access equipment.

Our height specialists will also perform annual inspections of your fall-protection systems. They can provide prompt assistance and support if you require maintenance or if you notice any malfunctions.


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