BEESAFE elevation concept

BEESAFE elevation concept

Warranty 1 year

INNOVATION L'Echelle Europeenne that facilitates the integration of working height adjustments on all types of platforms and fixed or moving walkways.

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Advantages and strengths

Customised design. Maintenance reduced to a minimum without external intervention (VGP). BEESAFE products are not PEMP, so there is no need to obtain the CACES R 386. The adjustment of the platform is millimetric from the ground.

Technical characteristics

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L'Echelle Européenne has developed and patented a new technology for assisting the lifting of platforms by hydraulic assistance.

The BEESAFE concept is unique, allowing precise working heights on fixed or mobile platforms.

The product is manufactured according to the user's requirements, which implies a multitude of possible combinations within the limits of the standards to which we refer.

The hydraulically assisted lifting of the working height is entirely manual and provides unequalled comfort and rapidity of lifting.

Technical description

The dimensions of the platform can be fully customised

Bespoke platform length : 1000 - 2000 mm (39"-79")

Bespoke platform width : 500 - 1200 mm (20"-47")

Bespoke frontal deflection length : 700 mm maximum (28") in fixed version, 500 mm maximum (20") in removable version

Bespoke side deflection length : 300 mm maximum (12")

Variable platform heigth : 

A - Stroke (simple chisel) : 550 mm (22'')

B - Stroke (double chisel) : 1100 mm (43'')

Table height ajusted following the request and the choice between A and B : 2300 mm (91") max

Type of access on platform: vertical ladder

Securing of the access : gate or door saloons

Capacity : 250 Kg (551 lb) - 2 persons

(Excluding the case of the front offset : 150 Kg (331 lb) - 1 person)

Approuved for 1 to 2 users following the configuration